Leadership Seminars

A Two-Day Leadership Seminar for Emerging Leaders Who Want to Activate Their Potential

THE BIG PROMISE:  1 year of work in 2 days (plus a 6-week sustainability program)

Give Us Just Two Days!

We’ll accelerate your leadership competencies at a rate that would usually take one year to accomplish. This is why our flagship program One Person, Big Difference is our most requested program.

The One Person, Big Difference leadership program builds on your greatest resource: the leadership potential within you and your team. Using immediately applicable tools, the One Person, Big Difference program fully engages leaders using their own intrinsic energy, creating drastic results that really last.

Velocity Leadership Consulting believes that all work/home environments have tremendous potential because all humans have tremendous potential.

Participants partner with individual leadership mentors throughout the One Person, Big Difference program.


Program Details

Two-day training for 25–50 participants:

During the One Person, Big Difference leadership program, participants reflect, collaborate, garner and practice the skills to create positive, sustainable change.  

Six-week sustainability training following the first training:

Community is the foundation for sustaining the skills gained from One Person, Big Difference. Each participant joins a STAND team (Sustainability Teams Activating a New Direction) and meets with the team weekly for mutual support and sustained growth. The six-week sustainability process has been referred to as “life changing” by program participants for work and for home.

Through this seminar, you will be equipped with numerous tools and systems that will immediately impact your world as an emerging leader. You will focus on YOUR objectives to begin building accountability in order to start communicating more effectively with colleagues, clients, and even your family and friends.


One Person, Big Difference is for anyone who is looking to increase their leadership bandwidth. We’re looking for organizations that are:

  • Committed to creating a more inspired and fulfilled environment
  • Eager to immediately improve personal performance
  • Ready to experience training that’s directly applicable to day-to-day challenges and needs 


  • Develop exceptional leadership competence
  • Obtain a higher level of staff awareness
  • Create a culture of more effective communication and collaboration
  • Forward-thinking mindsets
  • Develop healthy work/life balance  


To receive more information and pricing options, complete the form below and we will contact you with additional details. We offer special rates for nonprofit organizations.