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At Velocity, we activate the potential within each leader in order for the whole organization to reach the next level.


From the moment Dr. McGuire began leading our five-day leadership retreat, I knew that he would change my outlook on life. Victor models the virtues of great leadership through wisdom, humor, poise and incredible story telling. During our five days together, Dr. McGuire created a community where sharing and growth went hand in hand. He built a space where our strengths flourished both individually and as a group. Not one of us left his retreat unchanged, and I speak for us all when I say that Dr. McGuire has left an indelible impact on our ability to be great leaders.

Victor has a blend of unique qualities and skills as a professional coach, consultant, and trainer/facilitator. Whether one on one, or with a team, his genuine style and engaging approach makes it easy for people to come together and tackle their toughest issues; all the while having fun while doing so!
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Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to participate in several leadership trainings. I can say without reservation Victor’s training was absolutely the BEST! Victor cultivates a learning environment that provides participants with skills that help you grow within a safe environment. If you have the opportunity to train with Victor, do it!


Dr. Victor McGuire is an educational expert. He has experience in the K-12 realm, as well as, at the university level. As a consultant, his skills as a facilitator makes the learning process enjoyable and informative. Victor has been a “go to” educator for many organizations.


Victor has a broad scope of resonance that allows him to connect quickly and deeply with any audience. His easy style, quick insight, and sense of humor makes the challenge of transformation enjoyable!

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At Velocity, we take great pride in our flagstaff program, One Person Big Difference.  We have trained leaders that become masters of the art of leadership. Some of the most effective leaders out there Velocity leadership has worked with. 

The program builds upon the principles of leadership and gives the students tangible, tactical, yet practical skills to conquer the world of business, education, or the private or nonprofit sectors. For most leaders, this course will be a challenge that can change the trajectory of their careers and lives. 



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Velocity Vision

Our vision at Velocity Leadership is to enhance intrinsic leadership skills within individuals and organizations and to build upon that repertoire by introducing new proficiencies in order for leaders to live their best lives.

Velocity Mission

To engage, equip, and inspire leaders around the world by offering high-quality, sustainable leadership coaching.

Velocity Values

-A Sense of Hope
-The Rich Diversity of People
-Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, and Excellence
-Inquisitive Involvement
-Building Sustainable Relationships