Velocity Coaching

Velocity helps you create the life you want by offering customized options for organizations or individuals.

Are you ready…?

  • To seek the personal purpose, vision, and direction while adding and a sense of completion to your life?
  • To be supremely intentional in your everyday life?
  • To embark on a personal journey with a leadership & life coach that will show you how "One Person, can truly make a Big Difference” in their world and the world of others?

We will help you to begin to recognize opportunities as they appear, problem-solve for solutions before a broken, outdated status quo becomes the norm. We will help you assess your life and provide leadership guidance to navigate the future.

“If you ALWAYS do what you ALWAYS did you will ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS got.” - Albert Einstein

Who is a Good Coaching Candidate?

    • Do you struggle with finding time for self-care and not know where to get started with creating time and space for health and well-being in your life?
    • Are you ready to put some of your needs first as you maneuver work/life commitments?
    • Do you want to have more time and energy for the people and activities that bring you joy in your life?


Velocity Leadership Coaching will help you to connect to the wisdom of you! We will Co-create work-life balance and cultivate authentic well-being in your life. 


Velocity Coaching Process

Your coaching journey begins with a 30 min free consultation where we will learn more about you and address your needs as a client. In this introductory session, we will create the context and goals for the coaching.

Meeting times can vary based on need and availability. We offer 2 different convenient meeting time rotations – either once/week or 3x/month. Sessions can take place via phone or Zoom calls. Sessions after the first complimentary session are each 50 minutes long.

In between sessions, you will be asked to participate in proven engaging, reflective activities in order for you to move toward your specified goals.

So that you get the most accurate assessment, as a new client, I ask that you commit to an initial three months of sessions, and then we will then decide together whether or not to continue beyond that time frame.

My clients are people that are in a variety of stages in their life, but they all have one thing in common; they all have taken the next step in enriching their lives and that of those around them. Some came to velocity coaching during the crux of their life where they needed a substantial reset and others were just seeking support form a seasoned leader. Whatever the case is, we work with all of our clients in an individualized approach that is catered to their specific needs based on the season of their life they are in, the career in which they work, and the lifestyle that they live. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching, as defined by the International Coach Federation, as a practice of partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.  Velocity Coaches serve as an accountability resource for you to both plan and to succeed.


How Is Coaching Different Than Therapy?

The Coaching process works with your innate capacity to create intentional change and growth in your personal and professional life.

Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical disorder and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, mental health, financial, business, spiritual, or other qualified professionals.  

Coaching can be done in conjunction with other professional services if it is recommended by your primary caregiver.


The Coaching Relationship — a Dynamic Process


Coach Role: In your coaching sessions, you will be offered full attention. Through thorough observations, opportunities will be afforded to engage in various exercises that stimulate your mind and move you towards your goals.

Client Role: In each coaching session, you choose the focus of the conversation. You create the big-picture goal for your coaching programming as well as the focus of your specific sessions. Your job is to show up, be fully engaged, and be open-minded to the techniques, and utilize the support of your coaching relationship to transform all aspects of your life.


Coaching Tools

In your coaching, the Velocity Leadership assessment tools will serve as a “jump starter” to your process, as you move through the process, you will create the direction, purpose, and vision for your growth and development of your own leadership skills. 

You will be offered unparalleled support and partnership throughout your process in a variety of ways. Life Coach Office online platform will house all of your appointments and important documents in an online database file that will help you create and track your goals as well as connect the coaching appointments to your calendar. An online coaching journal will enable you to track your progress, and the classroom and library sections will house all of the tools that will aid you in your leadership process. These tools are available alongside your coaching sessions and can enhance the effectiveness of your coaching experience.